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Posted on September 4 , 2015

Just posting another page. Also want to let you guys know that I have updated my Patreon page to include more tiers! You'll now be able to see scripts for the comic, get sketchcards, and receive color artwork!

New Pages Up!

Posted on August 28 , 2015

Yes, at last! A new set of pages! WOOOOHOOO!!! I have been so ready to post these, ugh. I also updated the fan art gallery with more Sam goodness.

Convention Tour Over! Regrouping, Drawing Pages

Posted on August 21 , 2015

Hey everyone! Man, I am so glad to be done with this tour. I took nearly a two month break from new FaLLEN stuff, but it sure doesn't feel like it was a break. I was busy selling books left and right, talking to comic fans, making connections with other creators... I had an amazing month in July. Definitely a very life changing month, for a variety of reasons. Today I finished the bulk of a translation job I took on last minute (it paid too well to refuse) and then next week I will be doing what I do. I am definitely behind in just about every way imagineable. It's nuts. I need an assistant. Anyway, I will post some pages early on Patreon next week, but the schedule will resume, for sure, next Friday onward. I even have a buffer started! Hurrah! I added a few fan art pieces I got while I was gone, and I included two official illustrations that show a lot of skin. Since there was a hilarious miscommuication with the printers ("what is a zip file" they ask... ho ho ho) the dakimakura is, in fact, still available for pre-order. Check out the store for that information. Posting more sketch comics to Patreon later today, and here I posted a video of me unboxing the new print run of FaLLEN. Why? Because the first printing SOLD OUT! Woohoo!!! More on that in next week's updates.

Summer Con Schedule - USA and Japan

Posted on June 28 , 2015

Welp, I am still behind. I think it is pretty obvious I will be behind until September. I have six sheets of half-finished comic pages on my desk, but I'm flying to America in a couple of days, and I have a bunch of stuff to do before then. As you can see, I posted my con schedule for the summer-- click on the image at the top and get taken to the journal on dA where I posted information. It explains stuff in detail and I'll be updating it as I go. You can also check out my Twitter posts for more info. I'll be in five states and at Comic Market in Tokyo, so if you can come see me, please do! If you are on Patreon, you can follow along with my daily sketch comic journal I'll be posting until I get back. I'll also be posting some artwork, some step animations, and so on. Lots going on on Patreon! I should be done with Kickstarter stuff in August. Today I posted a few new illustrations, both to fan and official galleries. I will be posting many more Sam fan art pics next month, but today I reformatted the fan art page so it looks cleaner on a smartphone. Took all evening, and now I'm beat.

Father Sammy Sam

Posted on June 3 , 2015

I'm a little behind, yeah. I've got too much on my plate, but I gotta push forward. I've got Kickstarter rewards going out, I'm doing artwork for conventions (for both my own table and for con official art), I'm attempting to get a buffer going and failing miserably... yup! I need the power to freeze time. Some of what I'm doing for cons I've been posting to Patreon but I'm going to guess I will not have nearly as much new art for my table as I had originally hoped. I'll post my con schedule once I actually GET my con schedule, with table numbers and such. When do they normally get that information to artists?? Anyway, enjoy the new pages!

More Pages, More Art, More Books

Posted on May 24 , 2015

Yes, yes, yes!!!! FaLLEN Volume 1 books are in, for both English and Japanese! The English version came out nicer since I learned from a few mistakes on the Japanese version, and they look pretty nice! Much happier with this print job. The books are available in the store, as you could maybe tell by the giant obnoxious banner, haha, and it will take you directly to the English version. Not only are the wonderful books in, but I also posted two new pages AND two new pieces of artwork that I used for some clear bookmarks. Merchandise, wee. If you are a patron on my Patreon page, you've already seen all of this, of course. I'll be posting the thumbs for the next two pages on my Patreon probably tomorrow. Still working on fixing HTML... slowly, slowly, slowly I'm adapting the site for mobile devices, but these Project Wonderful ads don't want to cooperate...