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Newest Page Updated May 24 , 2015   |  ★READ RIGHT TO LEFT★

More Pages, More Art, More Books

Posted on May 24 , 2015

Yes, yes, yes!!!! FaLLEN Volume 1 books are in, for both English and Japanese! The English version came out nicer since I learned from a few mistakes on the Japanese version, and they look pretty nice! Much happier with this print job. The books are available in the store, as you could maybe tell by the giant obnoxious banner, haha, and it will take you directly to the English version. Not only are the wonderful books in, but I also posted two new pages AND two new pieces of artwork that I used for some clear bookmarks. Merchandise, wee. If you are a patron on my Patreon page, you've already seen all of this, of course. I'll be posting the thumbs for the next two pages on my Patreon probably tomorrow. Still working on fixing HTML... slowly, slowly, slowly I'm adapting the site for mobile devices, but these Project Wonderful ads don't want to cooperate...

New Pages Up!

Posted on May 17 , 2015

Ahhhh finally! New page! NEW PAGE! I was gonna do two new pages but then I thought since I did six already I would just do seven to complete the set. Still doing rennovation on the site, so the coding is still wonky, but I think you can still read the pages all right. The English books are on their way, but the dust jackets may take another week. The print company is really busting my balls here... they said they'd give me a discount because they made a mistake on my last order, but when I got the billing statement there was no discount. So then I write them about it and they up and just ignore me. Unless these books are absolutely PERFECT, I don't see myself using this company again for Volume 2. But I dunno, we'll see. I'm also making a batch of bookmarks for Kickstarter backers, and they should be coming in around the same time as the covers.

I am actually posting a lot of things to my Patreon account now that I am done with the book stuff, and I've got a LOT of illustrations I have to do in the next month so I think I'll be posting a lot of progress images. Plus, I should be done with the hiatus for realies this time, so I am going to recommend people give the Patreon a try :D There's already about 30-something things posted to there you get access to instantly upon joining, and if the next milestone is reached I'll be posting videos! Already posted some of the bookmark artwork and this new page earlier this week, will be posting a lot more next week.

And if you guys didn't know, I'll be doing a mini book tour this summer in the US. 5 states in one month, hoo-boy. I'll be hosting panels, selling artwork, books, etc. I'm hoping to have some prints of non-FaLLEN artwork as well but that kind of depends on how much I can get done before then. But the comic goes first now, so I won't be skimping on updates anymore. If I'm late, you might check my Patreon, since I do post new pages on there first now.

FaLLEN Japanese Edition Books

Posted on May 9 , 2015

The Japanese books are in!! I know I normally only post pages from the comic up top, but I had to show these off. The Japanese books are in and now that I know what they will look like I am going in and tweaking some areas in the English book to improve the printing. I did most of it yesterday, so when I finish up today I'll probably send them off to get printed. But the Japanese books are available and I will be able to ship them out once the weekend is over. You can click on the image and be taken to the Storenvy page with the books for sale at $12.50 USD. The first image is still the mockup I used for Kickstarter and such, but there are three photos of the actual books.

I did also update the guest art gallery to include an image by the talented Ne0shin of Maris, and if you are on a mobile device you may have noticed the official art gallery is now more responsive to smaller devices. When I have spare time I am going in and fixing the code throughout the site to be more responsive, though I still have a long ways to go.

Spring Cleaning

Posted on April 28 , 2015

Sent the Japanese edition of the graphic novel to print, waiting to see how those turn out before I send the English edition out. Posted a bunch of stuff to Patreon, won't be posting it here ;p Working on a bunch of stuff, trying to clean up the website a bit. Considering moving to WP... but boy I don't understand it. I'm just set in my ways, I guess. Anyway, if you guys see random blue colored text, uh, ignore that. Will post again when I have some books in my hand.

New Illustration, Short Hiatus

Posted on April 7 , 2015

So uh, yeah, I need to go on hiatus, haha. I want to get this book sent to the printers NEXT WEEK so I really need to just buckle down and work on this. Everything will return to normal once this book is on the shelf. For now, please enjoy the new illustration I posted that is actually from the graphic novel. I am not going to explain it because it is pretty hard to explain without giving away the whole story, haha. Just know it is for a bonus side comic in the graphic novel I won't be posting here that is, er, not exactly canon...

Chapter 9 Page 6!

Posted on March 23 , 2015

Posted this on Patreon yesterday for all tiers to see, so now I can post it here. Since I am only posting one page instead of the usual two, I'm only updating it here on the front page, but if you click the image you can see the full-size version.

To people who pre-ordered Volume 1; I've been posting teaser images on Patreon, dA, and even Twitter showing the progress. It's really close to getting finished, and the books will ship out in April instead of last month. I had said on other sites that the date had been pushed back due to the Inkblazers site closing, but forgot to mention it on the Storenvy page. You can still pre-order the book and get a free postcard with your pre-order!

GMI Awards, Calendar?

Posted on March 12 , 2015

I totally forgot to mention this last time, but THANK YOU to everyone who voted for FaLLEN at the GMI Awards last month! I am happy to announce that FaLLEN came in 3rd Place, which is pretty cool. I have some things to get through first but once I finish all the book work for the graphic novel I'm going to do some thank you art. I had a few recommendations for parody art in the same vein as last year's Slayers parody art with Lamia and Arma. This year, expect it to be an Utena parody (more 90s anime, haha) featuring Arma, Lamia, and Vox.

I posted page 5 as well as added an illustration to the art section. The illustration is a partial image from the calendar I made for people who donated to the Kickstarter at a certain tier. I decided to ALSO make that calendar available to people supporting the Patreon's $5 tier. If you donate to the Patreon $5 or more you can email me and I'll tell you how you can order the calendar, which is $15 + $3 for s/h. You have to tell me BEFORE I send the calendar to the printer, which will probably be Monday the 16th. This is the ABSOLUTE last chance you will have of ordering the calendar. By the way, a 4-image making-of gif is available on the Patreon for patrons. Patrons, by the way, are already getting advanced access to pages. I posted the new page yesterday for them, though as I get through my workload that could increase to two days in advance before long.